“Ghost menace blamed for death of student”

From The Statesman, Kolkata, 1 September 2013, p. 4

Bankura, 31 Aug. Sensation sparked off, leading to pandemonium in Bankura, when a ghost was blamed for the death of a girl.

Girl students of the Kenjakura High School have been complaining of a ‘ghost’ menace for the past few days. “Nearly six girls last week complained that have experienced some supernatural activities on the school premises, though we have not paid any heed to it,” said Mrs Rama Mukherjee, headmistress of the school.

She said “a latrine in the school was abandoned for years, and recently we have re-opened after refurbishing it, which the students surprisingly said was a den of ‘ghosts’ “.

Sulekha Dutta (11), a class VI student of the school fell sick after returning from school yesterday. Her mother, Mrs Bani Dutta said “she complained of chest pain, and kept saying that the ‘ghost’ in the school had gripped her.” The girl was found hanging in her room this morning. Police recovered her body.

The guardians raided the school, demanding immediate sealing of the latrine. Mrs Mukherjee said “they also ransacked the office room”. The school authority sent SOS to the police.

Guardians like Mr Probodh Chanda and Mr Sadhan Chanda claimed that the existance of the ghost was experienced in the school for a few days. The said “after the abandoned latrine was opened, the ghost menace has started, and we demand immediate sealing of the latrine.


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